An Avid Lensman

By SarumStroller

The Head of John the Baptist II

Installation in Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters, on tall plinth, entitled 'Study of Head - John the Baptist II'

The weird just got weirder, this very much warts and all depiction with rather scary facial features greeted me as I did a quick wander round (not inside, Evensong was taking place) the Cathedral late yesterday afternoon. I had to use an ultrawide and make it part of the architecture it is sitting in.

I removed all yellow, making it look like a selective colour/s. It is my interpretation after all and I like the more minimalisation that this creates. So there!

IF you actually 'like' this, then you have weirder tastes than I thought! I don't like it, I DO like what I've done to it but certainly not one to put on my wall (except to scare away intruding cats, perhaps?)

HUGE thanks to all who enjoyed my Purbeck viewpoint the previous day. Let's hope we can all enjoy more days like that this summer.

Another image taken a few minutes along the coast, of the old stone Chapel on the clifftop can be seen here.

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