By The Hair Of My Chinny-Chin-Chin

This little fellow is a Black-chinned hummingbird.  Two days in a row I have found a tiny slice of time to drive up to the Santa Rita Lodge viewing area in Madera Canyon.  Every half hour spent there is a mind-clearing experience, so if that's all the time I have, it's worth it.

A few people have logged seeing southern Arizona's most famous bird, the  Elegant Trogan  this week. I hope to set out in search of one before too long.  I now know on which trails they are likely to be found. I'll have to wait until I can wear closed-toe shoes before I can head out on the trails, though.

I will be up there a couple of times in the coming days, if for no other reason, to attend the Italian Catholic Federation picnic. I may have to search for the Trogan all summer, but am pretty determined to find one at some point.  Watch this space!

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