Bella, Evan, and Baba at Sue's

Sue helped me play with the children at her house, and she made the photograph, made some wonderful carrot muffins, and let us all play with Eliana's toys. We're all smitten with her, each in our own ways.

The nebulizer has arrived, and with the medication, it makes my breathing better. I'm coming back.

I am so struck by the truth of Waipushrink's comment on my last blip, that I want to make it part of my own blip, with thanks to him:

"Being a New Zealander, reading that you have to order a nebuliser and pay for essential and standard medications. As a country NZ is wealthy and privileged, and recently my younger daughter informed me that [because our country provides such] things as universal free education, a health system that is modern and covers everyone with manageable copayments and waiting lists for surgery, [relatively little] homelessness etc, we are regarded as amongst the most wealthy countries. It is sad for you that your country combines economic wealth with social poverty. S asked yesterday, where now are those who were part of the Students for. Democratic Society in the 60s and 70s? Is Black Bloc its reincarnation?" (Emphasis mine.)

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