In the Pink!

I'd arranged with my Mum to visit an Open Garden this afternoon, but when double checking with her we discovered that it's not actually on until the beginning of next month. We then thought we'd visit the zoo and then realised that there was an event on with Henry Calvill, (Superman) and so it would be too busy for just ambling around.

In the end we decided on Samares Manor an old manor house with lovely gardens, in the east of the island. We had a lovely visit enjoying the beautiful weather and partaking in tea and cake of course.

SkiMe's theme for Mono Monday is MM173 Unlocking Inspiration, ALT Storytelling.
I am sure to write too much again to give background on the photographer, which inspired this MonoMonday Challenge, and a bit of a personal story. After considering the feedback from the past two weeks, I will start with the challenge and leave the background at the end for whoever wants to read it.
For MM173 Unlocking Inspiration, ALT Storytelling.
"I ask you to take any picture you like from the day and then read the ‘story’ of what the picture is saying. I am not looking for the story “behind” the picture (the factual why, the when, the who…), but the story that speaks from “in front” of the picture.  I know that requires you to write something, but please do! (short or long) Some people on Blip are so creative in this process already and I always look forward to their photos each day to see how the photo matches the imagination and story of the photographer/storyteller.   
Please remember to tag your photos #MM173 so that I can be sure to find them."

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