How Embarassing!

I suddenly realised that I might be able to get a decent shot of the birds coming out of the box if I crouched down by the porch. This is where the postie leaves our post at the moment. The chicks are getting more vocal and I guess the adults aren't as bothered about our presence now as they were before.

This looks like the male (because of the thick black stripe on it's chest) coming out and he's got carrying a fecal sac in his beak. It's basically the chicks poo in a bag. Chris Packham from BBC's Springwatch explains it really well in this wonderful clip. Apologies for us those outside the UK as I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it.

The next theme for Mono Monday will be WAYSIDE ( the side of or land adjacent to a road or path) and the tag will be MM121.

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