They're ALL at it.

Today Alice would have been 76. 

In "the a-fulness of the Em" (a.m.) we went for a bit of a wander from the farm, through woods, over fields and back through woods.
En route, we found a wee puddle beset by Damsel flies. I don't think I can remember seeing so many, so obliging, before.
I tried to invert these two to manufacture a heart, but it looked way too daft/unnatural, so I left them in peace.
I had some shots of singles, but, under Sodde's Law, they were all blurry.
Extra #4 was a lead capping on a gate post we passed. NOT really a clue, but we think it may be where the local Squirrels sharpen their teeth.

I don't know about "him" but I got very little birdy and was well chuffed by the number of Damsels.
SO -  That's it then.

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