The Bell Tower of St James the Greater

I've long been fascinated by the bell tower of St James the Greater in Leicester which is illuminated at night. I always see it when leaving rehearsals on Wednesday evenings.

It rained all day. The long lens was on the camera. I needed a blip. So that's why you have this shot.

I made pancakes for breakfast, gluten free flour of course. They were delicious.

Other than that, time was spent listening to rehearsal mp3 files of the music we're to sing in Belgium at the beginning of June. And only two rehearsals left!

Popped in on George and Kat to deliver food freezer containers and a microfibre mop. Kat looked weary. She's been cooking to fill the freezer for quick meals after the baby arrives. George seemed in good form but rather more aware of forthcoming responsibilities.

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