Hanging on

Not quite the early start we had intended, and MrM went off on some 'squirrel duties' before we set out to do a supermarket shop in Alnwick. Despite the rain, we stopped off en route to walk Louie on the track near Powburn, for the second time in two days. But this time we walked in the opposite direction, past banks of bluebells, gorse and broom. Stopped to take a few shots of bluebells heavy with raindrops, and didn't notice this tiny snail hanging on until I looked at the photo on screen.

Shopping complete, we went in to Alnwick for lunch at Grannies - can recommend the smoked salmon stack! (Tempted to insert an apostrophe, but it would seem the Grannies doesn't have one!)

MrM has gone Morpeth to play fiddle at a wedding ceilidh this evening. Haven't managed to do much in his absence as Louie, as he sometimes does when MrM 'abandons' him, has kept me busy for most of the evening with his demands. Half the time, he doesn't seem to know what he wants himself - maybe at 17+ he's suffering from doggie dementia...

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