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Six Years

Today’s picture could not be anything other than Dougal and Florence who share our lives. They decided that they would not pose together, when one was looking at the camera the other one was looking in a different direction, so this is as good as it gets!
I started blipping on 24 May 2011, but taking leap years into account, it seems today is my sixth anniversary. Blip has changed over the years, but thanks to the four blippers who rescued the site, as well as everyone who contributed, the site was rejuvenated.
So, what is blip to me? It is a place where I share one picture a day, a picture that has been taken on that day. As well as being a journal of my everyday life, I watch and feel part of many other blipper’s lives around the world. I watch as wedding photos are blipped and watch new babies as they grow, I feel sad when someone is ill and watch, as they get better. I feel extremely sad when someone’s beloved pet dies and then welcome a new dog or cat into their family. Strange that we do all of these things with people we have, generally, never met.
Someone told me the other day, when I mentioned that I had been blipping for six years, that “maybe I needed to get a life”; this is part of my life, in words and pictures!  I use my journal as a diary to record each day’s events; it is good to look back over the years to see what I was doing, what the weather was like and I cannot, at this time, anticipate a day when I will not blip.
I have been rather negligent lately in commenting, but many thanks to everyone, regulars or those that just drop by now and then, for all the comments, stars and hearts over the years, they are all much appreciated.
So, as my journal is of my daily life, what did I do today? I finished cutting the shrub down, which I started the other day, it is now fairly level with the wall and I can see all the way down to the still empty pond. I have also mowed all of the grass at the front of the house as well as the section immediately behind the house. The orchard and all the others bits and pieces will be left for now.

For anyone concerned about Florence, sitting on the wall, she was born with only one eye, she manages to catch wildlife and suffers no pain or problems.

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