The hunchback of Prudent Passage

Not really; I think he was just trying to sort his backpack out.

Woke up this morning to the terrible news of last night's terror attack in Manchester.  Horrendous.

Sad news when I got to work too - an 'external colleague' I was due to meet with had to cancel as her mother had passed away yesterday :(

We had a 'resilience workshop' at work today; good stuff.  We've got two more to go over the next couple of months.  Hoping to be super resilient at the end of it (and thinking I'll need to be, given that work seems determined to pile on the stress with a massive process change at the same time as implementing a whole new CRM system.  Great.)

Hurried home this evening to help Tim with fitting the bathroom door.  We were a little over-cautious with trimming it, as we didn't want to take too much off, but that meant that we ended up making three attempts at trimming it - having to carry it back and forth to the living room each time (and it's heavy!).  Got it pretty perfect in the end though, and it's nice to have a door back on the bathroom!

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