Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Tuesday

I should have posted this hours ago.  I took it not long after I got up this morning, when I was having my usual stroll around the garden, tea in hand.  Not even sure why I saw it, so well did it blend into the plant.  Maybe the sun caught those gossamer wings or maybe the eyes drew me.  Whatever the case, it resulted in a mad dash into the house to get my macro lens and then a precarious perch on the garden wall trying to get just the right angle.

Then, I had to try to figure out what the heck it was.  I initially thought it might be a praying mantis nymph, but those big wings seemed all wrong.  A bit of research and I had my ID - it's a Green Mantidfly (Zeugomantispa minuta) a brand new species for me! I'd put it at about 1/3 of an inch long, so it fits the criteria for tiny.  And what better way to celebrate the 2-year birthday of TinyTuesday (click to view all entries).  JDO is going to have a hard time again this week as there are some amazing images.

I woke up in a funk today - the news from Manchester, the burdens of life, everything and nothing.  So after a trip to the doctor (routine) I took myself out to a nature preserve for a few hours and lost myself in photography.  There were swallows (barn, tree and northern rough-winged) all working on nests and a stunning pair of Eastern Kingbirds taking insects over a field. As usual, it calmed my mind and gave me a sense of peace.  

Around 4:30, I dashed over to visit MIL who was also in a huge funk.  She was very down, very cranky, and very unhappy.  So, we talked for a while, I held her hand, she eventually brightened up.  Towards the end of the day, things in the home get very quiet and many of the residents take dinner in their room, so I think it leaves MIL feeling bored and lonely.  We ended the visit with lots of hugs - good for both of us.

And, in nesting news... the bluebird eggs hatched today!  There are what appear to be four unbelievably tiny blind, featherless blobs in the box and Madame and Monsieur are busy catching teeny tiny insects to feed their teeny tiny babies.  I'll put a pretty bad iPhone pic in Extra showing two of the babies with beaks wide open, rather like tulips.

Be well, people.  And cherish the time you have with loved ones.


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