....or.....Yatch.....for Wide Angle Wednesday.

The challenge for the month of May has been something starting with the letter 'M' or 'Y' or 5 things seeing as May is the fifth month of the year. 

Today after a good visit with R, mum and I had a brisk walk along the banks of the Kaiapoi River. The air was cold with just a slight breeze while traffic noise of the town echoed in the background. The yatch has been away for several months but has just recently appeared with a new coat of paint. 

Pity I couldn't get closer to capture the mast alone against the sky which was forever changing. A quick conversion to mono enhanced the light on the mast and took away distracting colours of the workmen's orange hi-vest jackets, blue sky and green grass, it also made the reflection of the mast stronger. The bird cruising between the reflections is a shag.

My only concern, is the sky now a distraction from the mast?

Wednesday......woke to light fine showers, calm but cool. This afternoon the sun broke through while these clouds drifted through, creating some amazing moody shots.

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