creative lenna

By creativelenna

our royal poinciana tree

Our Royal Poinciana has some small but beautiful blooms, for the second year in a row! We planted this tree in January of 2013 when Ann Hall (who blips now!) helped us immensely to transform our yard from plain grass into tropical and Florida friendly. You can see what this same tree looked like when it was but a mere stick, just planted in a past blip. (we've changed the house color since then -you'll see in an extra photo. And no more bricks!!)

Simply amazing! I am adding extra photos to show you just how much I zoomed in to get the main photo, and a cute little lizard hanging out on the huge trunk of this tree. If you are into it, more blips I've done featuring the Royal Poinciana tree HERE! I have also added this to Biker Bear's Flower Friday challenge, thanks so much for hosting! 

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