I'm not sure I'll ever get bored of watching birds from our balcony. They're going mad for the berries on these two trees at the moment. The top bird was watching in interest as the birds in the bottom image flocked around the other tree.

Up early this morning for a bike ride with Mr B. Then a quick shower and change and out for breakfast with a new friend, BR. 

Off to Ivanhoe to get our bikes in for their first service and then a race back to Sunbury for Little Miss' basketball game.

Then another quick change and off to Mass.

A Thai takeaway procured on the way home. 

I managed to fit in a cuppa and a bird watching session and a dog walk in there while Mr B was watching Little Miss basketball game.

Phew, it's been a full day!

Then this evening, Cousteau decided that my computer (which I've had for 8.5 years) is his nemesis. He went completely silly to the point where we had to give him a doggy valium to settle him down. I am now in my bedroom, using the computer, so as to not stress him out any more. Poor boy.

Oh well, I guess this will be our new normal due to his dementia. Still love him to bits. I just hate it when he's stressed.

Night all.


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