An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A Wee Apéritif...


Today's weather forecast was heavy rain and thunderstorms but all we got was a little flurry of drizzle.  The day started off sunny with blue skies then clouded over bit with little peeps of sunshine at times.  Others weren't so lucky and got drenched.  

We had a lazy day other than getting organised for Agnes and Adrian coming for dinner.   They arrived just after 6 and we had a great night catching up and chatting and laughing at the stupidest of things that only people who've been friends since childhood will find funny.  So many shared memories.

Also Agnes is the last of us to turn 50 so there was a little talk of that.  Her birthday isn't till December so there's time to plan some surprises but I;m going to get my thinking hat on as it's amazing how quickly the time goes by.

Another night sleeping without the quilt.  Soooooo warm!

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