An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Breakfast Club...

Another glorious day.

We were up and ready to go by 9am as we were having breakfast with Lj & Derek at Broadslap Farm Shop.   We were supposed to go with them earlier this month when they'd stayed over, but it didn't happen so today was the day.

They arrived just after 9am and we all piled into D's car and headed off via the scenic route to Dunning.   There is something so lovely about meeting up with friends early, especially when the sun is shining.

We arrived at Broadslap five minutes after it opened.  I visualised the owner turning up and finding us standing there with our noses pressed against the window :-))

Soon our table was laden with coffee, toast, and full Scottish breakfasts.  We were very happy bunnies.

Back home for some chill out time in the Gin Palace (too early for gin though, it wasn't even midday) before it was time for them to head off.   They're just back from Shetland but are off on their travels again soon to Mallorca.   I wish I had half their energy (Derek will be 90 at the end of the year!) 

The afternoon went by in a very warm blur.  The door bell seemed to ring constantly.  Firstly a delivery, then the plumber to check a minor problem (I hope) with the boiler, then a visit from a local artist. 

On 28th Feb I blipped the following,

"Bought something for the house in the Coffee shop as we were leaving that sparked a brilliant idea in my head for a wedding anniversary pressie for David (it's not till August but it may take a while to get organised) and sent an enquiring email this evening.  Got a positive reply so it's game on!  I am so excited!  Sorry for being so cryptic but can't say any more at the moment for fear of D sussing what it is!    But at least I know what will be blipped on 3rd August." 

I was cryptic as I didn't want David finding out but I can reveal all as I have now told him.  

We bought four prints that day of Perthshire scenes by a local artist that were really reasonably priced.  We absolutely loved her quirky style so I googled her website and discovered she takes commissions.  I emailed her to ask if she would consider painting our house in her signature quirky manner and she said yes.   She said she would come out and photograph the house but we both agreed it would be better to wait until the sunshine had arrived and the garden had a bit of life to it.

So she came this afternoon and was absolutely lovely.  I told David about my enquiries as there were some creative decisions to be made and since this gift is for him, I wanted him to have a major (perhaps not final ;-) say in the commission.   

Because of the shape of our house, the final painting will be letterbox style and she's going to email prices for different sizes.   Here's hoping they're not way more expensive than her original ball park figure, which was very reasonable.

Things quietened down after she left.  I gave Alan dinner while D went for a snooze in the sunshine.

After the last two days of wall to wall sunshine, I can't believe there's an amber warning for rain tomorrow.  

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