An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Love Lupins...

I honestly can't believe this run of fabulous weather we are having at the moment.  It is fantastic! 

Blipping in a hurry as Agnes and Adrian are due to arrive and we are having a BBQ.  A BBQ two Saturdays in a row!  Unheard of in these parts as we rarely get two glorious weekends in a row!  I think in the whole of last year we only had one BBQ so we are on track to beat that record.

I am feeling particularly cheery as I did a mountain of ironing this morning and all the clothes we are taking on our three night break next week are ready to be packed.  Well apart from some of David's as he's still deciding what he'll need. *rolls eyes*

Tesco delivery arrived earlier delivered by two very cheerful lads.  One was new and one hadn't seen Lola since she was a small puppy so he was amazed by how much she's grown.  

The new guy was particularly taken with her and spent ages playing with her and saying he wanted to take her with him to keep them company in the van.  He was just telling her how lovely she is when she got a bit too enthusiastic and jumped up landing both front paws in a very delicate area of his anatomy rendering him kind of speechless for a moment or two.  Oops! 

Managed to sneak into the garden without Lola and grab a shot of the emerging Lupins.  These flowers remind me so much of my childhood as they seemed to be everywhere in the 1970s.   This particular patch is starting to spread a bit too much but I love them and can't quite bring myself to ask John to split them.  Maybe next year.

Alan's off out with Ally.  Think they are heading to Strathclyde Park.  David is watering the new turf and I better make a start by pouring a G & T prepping the salad.   

No rest for the wicked :-))

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