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By Damnonii

Lola and the Bluebells...

Another blip title that sounds like a band :-)

My little patch of bluebells under the Japanese maple are finally in full bloom and I wanted to photograph them this morning as the sun was shining through the leaves of the maple dappling the bluebells in little chinks of light.  Unfortunately the lift engineer was here serving the lift and needed to talk to me and John, our lovely garden man, was laying strips of turf on the bits of lawn he'd levelled a few weeks ago and was setting up the hose to water the turf, so it wasn't the time to be in the garden.

When I finally got out there this evening, Lola joined me.  Unfortunately she got the zoomies and started running round and round the tree through my beautiful bluebell patch, flattening the stems and scything the flower heads as she ran!!  

Forgetting I was outside and within earshot of whoever in the neighbourhood was enjoying the lovely evening in their garden, I began screaming like a banshee to get her to stop (note to self: screaming like a banshee only makes an excited Lola more excited.  In future have treats to hand!)  David appeared to see what all the fuss was about.  Thankfully his handful of treats calm, authoritative approach soon had Lola sitting quietly and before she could blink, her harness and lead were on till I had finished trying to get a decent shot of the flattened bluebells.  Maybe I'll try again tomorrow :-))

Lola may have disgraced herself this evening but she excelled herself on her walk this afternoon.  She was with R the dog walker on the moor behind Gleneagles.  She was off lead when a herd of deer came wandering past.  As soon as she saw them she sat down and patiently waited for them to pass.  R says they were quite close and he was very impressed with her.  I wonder if she was a bit intimidated by their size and decided to behave herself.  Who knows, but I am glad she did!

In other news, two years ago today this was happening.  Johnny the building foreman told us that day that before we knew it, two years would have passed.  Two years seemed a long way off yet here we are.  He was right! :-))

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