a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Derelict Sunday: Fixerupper

A lovely Sunday spent at my sister Janet's with her husband Incredibish, my Dad and his wife Mary.  After a delightful lunch, and a digestif or two, it was suggested that a short walk of a mile or so would be a good idea. 

We finally got back some 5 miles later having meandered along footpaths over local fields visiting ancient oaks, the Charfield burial ground and generally finding things to photograph while chatting away.  It being Sunday we stopped at a barn which seems to be storing some  suitably decaying vehicles re rusting away which made excellent subject matter for Free Spiral's Derelict Sunday challenge.  

The weather gradually became more and more threatening as the walk went on, but although there were a few drops of rain, we managed to stay dry.  I've put up an extra of Mark (Incredibish) who it has to be said, alway goes the extra mile as a photographic model.  The ultra wide angle lens helps in the distortion effect of course, but there is almost something hobbit like about the image he presents as he sticks his head out from inside the hollow trunk of a 1,000 year old oak tree.   All he needs is that pipe blowing smoke rings ...

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