a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Final Mix

Mono Monday: Finale

This is the calm after the storm.

A while back we decided to record the band, with a view to sorting out some updated demos of our stuff that we could leave with likely venues etc.  I've done this before, although it was a while ago, when we lived in a different (larger) house and I had the luxury of a soundproofed home that I used as a music studio.  

In retrospect I'd forgotten just what an advantage that dedicated room was.

Without the dedicated studio we ended up setting up in some rooms and just making the best of what acoustic treatments were available to us on the night.  It was a fun evening, although I've learned some useful lessons about what you can and cannot get away with.  

In the main I've learned those lessons because it has taken me absolutely ages to clean up the resulting recordings.  Its one of the things that has been keeping from indulging in Blip over the last few months. But tonight I finally signed off on the final mix, which (I am hoping) is the end of that little project, and the last time I have to listen to those bl**dy tracks.  Familiarity sure does breed contempt!

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