Dew drops....

....the very last rose from Just Joey, no more buds to open, rose petals falling, rosehips are forming, while the bush takes on a ragged look. The tiny dew drops outline the fine petals, autumn is nearly over.

We were lucky today, blue sky for us but the air was cold and low cloud was not far away. I could see it hovering just on the outskirts of our small town, perhaps Christchurch didn't fare quite so well. Afternoon tea, it moved, engulfed us and all dimmed, 4pm we turned some lights on.

Well E's car now has a lovely new window but....there's always a but....the door has been damaged and the window won't move. The little 'no-hopers' tried to unlock the door, couldn't get in so smashed the window and damaged the door. Now we need to see the panel beater.....and so it goes on! Most frustrating!

Nice to see this lovely rose this morning. Taken with the lensbaby as my macro lens is still not working, I do miss it.

That's Monday in my neck of the woods, hope your Monday was better than mine - Happy Monday folks :)

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