.....called Autumn Joy.

This tiny head I could easily fit on a tablespoon, an off-shoot from the main stem with many tiny heads shimmering in the sunlight, loved the tiny web to.

Another lensbaby shot this time with the soft focus optic and macro +4. It was my only decent shot as I just couldn't get my eye in today, a slight breeze shook plants and it was so cold I was shaking as well - the joys of being a blipper and the challenges of using a lensbaby :)

An early load for me today as mum is joining us for an impromptu dinner, will be nice to sit and chat over roast lamb and veges, might be dessert to if I get cracking.

Thank you for your lovely words, stars and fav's recently. As always they're so very much appreciated.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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