Gap site

A photo snapped late on, in fine evening light. It was grey most of the day, but started to perk up around 4pm as I was walking home, and indeed I took a couple of exceedingly green pictures in the park. But I couldn't resist popping out on the balcony just before the sun set to capture the gap site in the St James Centre. The difference is clear from these two pictures. The building just behind the cathedral that was always draped in some sort of publicity has completely gone. You can also see the crane which is on Leith Street, just above John Lewis where they've already built one building, long before they empty the rest of the site.

A fairly non-descript day at work - preparing for, and participating in a first year PhD review panel, a Fellows' lunch and a meeting with a would-be fellow who I found quite a curious person to be honest, and that's about it.

Walked to work and back. Felt pretty tired as a result.

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