Beautiful Valetta

Tony Tony took me to Valetta today, I have been here a few times before but it's beauty always takes my breath away, he took me to his friend Bart will be spend a couple of hours drinking beer, chatting to the locals and I also did some spontaneous singing along to their playlist which everybody enjoyed, Tony Tony film some of it for the owners.
Tony and I went for a walk around some historic sites, it was really really hot, I had no problems with my trip home, it was lovely to see the family again, Zebedee has been enjoying his work experience at the gym and Gulliver had a great guitar lesson, his teacher said that Gullivers improvisation is the best he's ever heard since he's been teaching!
Max made delicious spicy chicken and we watched Jim Carrey movie or at least we watched half of it before I had to go to bed.

I'm really pleased that mums tissues were able to be donated to the brain bank, they emailed me today to say that it has been successful in spite of the bank holiday.

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