What Happens Next

By RadioGirl

Wednesday 31st May 2017

I was transported back to the days of irregular hours working today, as we started eating lunch at 11 a.m. in order to get to the medical centre in Colchester for Mum's appointment. They did a biopsy of the lesion and put in a couple of dissolving stitches. Hopefully the next appointment to remove it won't be too far off. Mum was at her stoic best and made no fuss at all. The letter detailing today's appointment arrived this afternoon, which was less than useful.

We had a very welcome pot of tea and a biscuit on the way back, then stopped off at the hardware store in Tiptree to get a shower caddy for hanging on one of the grab rails. I think we have all the necessary showering equipment now! I received e-mail confirmation that the tumble dryer parts I ordered have been dispatched. Let's hope I can successfully replace the snapped ones on the machine, then the clothes peg tin can be hidden away once more and our towels can be soft and fluffy again!

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