Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Happy Birthday!

My MIL is 88-years young today and I think that smile says it all.  Hubs and I picked her up around 11:30 and took her to a local Italian place for lunch.  There were quite a few laughs and we even managed not to shock our very young waitress (thanks to Hubs and I giving her a heads-up that MIL doesn't have many any filters left and that she's a bit lot man-crazy.)  She didn't remember from moment to moment that it was her birthday so every time we told her, she lit up with joy.  And that handsome man she's with?  That's my Hubs, of course.  

I snapped this across the table in the restaurant so there's clutter in the background - and a better photographer would have cleaned it up, but I ran it through Silver Efex Pro and am happy enough with the results.  The important thing, to me, is that smile.  

Things in the garden are status quo.  The bluebirds are still ignoring the meal worms that I put out, which makes the titmice ecstatic.  The baby bluebirds are getting a varied diet of grubs, larva, spiders, bees, moths and even a small butterfly today.  Still no signs of fledgling woodpeckers, but soon...

And my teeny tiny Black Swallowtail caterpillar has doubled in size.  Not that that's saying much as he's still clocking in around 1/16 of an inch.  He's currently dining on organic parsley which seems to suit him.  

Happy Friday people.  And Happy Birthday to my MIL.


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