Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

Goodbye my beautiful Doyle.  You were an extraordinary cat.

We brought Doyle home yesterday morning, the doctors could do no more for her and we wanted to get her home right away, she has been through too much already.  We got to spend 24 hours together at home, we hung out, sunbathed, purred, snuggled, and snoozed.  This morning a sweet and compassionate doctor came to our home to put her to sleep.

This photo was taken when we'd just moved in to our new place here in California.  Doyle loved boxes.  I will miss her so much, she was a great friend, a huge personality, strong opinions, very brainy, affectionate, funny, eccentric.  She was a unique and wonderful being and I am so privileged to have had her in my life.  She was just so damn cool.  I cannot bear to load anything for yesterday from our last day all together so that day will remain forever blank here on blip.

I am heartbroken.  


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