Daytime Raider

This guy was bold and started grabbing and shaking the bird feeder today in broad daylight. I looked out and there he was. Of course I had to take his photo before I shooed him away. He is getting bolder. I brought the feeder in earlier than usual tonight so he wouldn't fool me and come before bed time.

I had a busy day today. Before breakfast I drove up to Costco to buy something I had seen yesterday when I took Helena there to shop for a rolling suitcase. It was a set of metal mesh drawers that I wanted to use to stow my cameras instead of having them out on the table as I usually do. I was motivated due to the fact that Mehitabel had dumped over some flowers and it was just luck that the cameras weren't inundated. While I was there Helena gave me a call. She needed a ride and so I bought the drawers and then picked her up and took her where she needed to go. It took awhile but finally we were able to go back to her house where I picked up Bunny, her cat. H is going to visit her mom and I am watching Bunny while she is gone. 

I unpacked the car and got Bunny settled, had a very late breakfast, and headed out to the Whatcom Chorale concert. They were singing the Brahms Requiem, one of my favorites. I've sung it several times, both in German and in English, so at the concert I was subconsciously singing along. It was a wonderful concert and they did a great job. Connections what singing, tenor amazingly, and I met DWBham and her mom there when the concert ended. I am so glad I went. I sat with several other previous chorale members so that was fun too.

When I got home I put together the drawers and stored my gear next to the table where it used to sit. Now I can grab quickly, a thing I like to do because of the creatures that appear on our deck unexpectedly, and the cameras are safe from kitties. 

I wasn't hungry for dinner so I took a long walk in the park. No beavers but I did see a mother wood duck and her babies. And there was a cute rabbit along the path.

When I got home I had a light dinner and now I'm having a peaceful time on the computer. 

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