Saw this guy on my late afternoon walk in the park. It has been a few days since I've seen the beavers so I was happy to see this one today. He or she was quite close so I could get all the whisker details. I also was able to catch a Black Head Grosbeak singing his song. I put that one in as an extra.

Today was a busy day. First thing after breakfast I drove up near the airport to return the wheelchair that I had gotten from the Lions Club. I also brought along the walker and donated it to them. I was glad to move them both on to new users.

On the way home I stopped at Costco. This might not have been the best idea ever since I ended up buying stuff while I was there. I got a nice office chair for my kitchen laptop station and a wire office basket for paperwork. I also got a new phone as I've been getting lots of complaints about how awful the old one was sounding to callers. 

Steve came over to help me assemble the chair. Turned out to be a two person job so it was great that he was there to help. He stayed for one game of Carcassonne before heading off on his bike to meet Kai and do some riding together. We were one point apart in score so we called it a tie. We both like games like that. He was way ahead until the very end when I got some very fortuitous pieces and caught up and went ahead one point. Part of why we love Carcassonne is that it is always different. And today was no exception.

I fed all the kitties, closed Bunny's door so the other two wouldn't harass her and take her food, and took off on a walk. Hence the beaver photos. It feels good to have the kitchen table clear, the cameras stowed safely, and my space getting more organized and less cluttered. Sigh...

I was looking back at my blips and found the one of Arvin the day he died. There were 98 hearts on that blip. I know I never got to answering all of you or thanking you for those kind comments, stars and hearts. But I expect you know how much they meant to me. I felt so much love and support and I'm still feeling it. Thank you.

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