Lunch at the Hearthfire

I started the day with Physical Therapy. That is always a great start. Laurie does a wonderful job of massaging my shoulders and getting the kinks out. From there I went to Haggen's to pick up a few things and then headed home. Dave and Steve, my brothers, were waiting for me there. We all hopped in Dave's car and headed over to pick up Nora so the four of us could have lunch together at the Hearthfire. We sat outdoors and enjoyed the lovely day while we lunched.

Dave and Nora dropped Steve and me at our respective homes and headed out to do some errands themselves. I've been relaxing and puttering on the deck. I bought a new large pot and finally planted the last of my three delphiniums in a bigger pot. They are purple so I added a couple of yellow snap dragons for complementary color. The deck flowers are really looking wonderful if I do say so myself. I also added a pot of bright red geraniums. There is no more room so it's now time to sit and enjoy what's there.

Wow... just looked at yesterday's blip. Thank you all so much for the hearts, stars and comments!

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