Cedar Waxwing

I'm getting into the habit of taking a late walk before an even later dinner. Tonight I met another photographer who clued me in to the fact that there was a flock of Cedar Waxwings down by the metal bridge. They were still there when I got there. I liked this photo because you can see the touch of red they have on their wings.

Had another nice day today. It began with a wonderful short concert by Ryan (clarinet) and Heather (soprano) Dudenbostel accompanied by Jay Rozendaal on piano. They were all first class and we got to hear some songs we'd never heard before.

After that I zipped over to Anthony's to meet up with a group of ladies from the AZ support group. Two were celebrating their birthdays and we all were having a great time talking, laughing and enjoying lunch together.

I got home in time to relax awhile and get a few things done before heading off on my walk. I had a light dinner and now I'm blipping and soon will watch the last Heartland of Series 9. Now I have to search for Series 10 as it is not available from my usual sources.

Today I noticed a new feeling creeping in. I'm starting to realize that Arvin really is not here anymore. Of course I knew that but since I had been living alone while he was at Silverado it took awhile for it to sink in that I am not going over there to visit him anymore. I still strongly feel that his quick departure was the best thing that could have happened, both for him and for the family. But today I got a taste of missing him even though it was the right place for him to be now. So I am sad at my loss of him which blends in with my joy that he is free of pain and suffering and we are free of sharing that suffering with him.

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