Best Beach Ever!!!!

After a pretty terrible night it was good to get up, go downstairs and start eating lovely French brioche with lovely French butter and jam. And Nutella!!
Breakfast tastes better in France!
Mrs N and Mr P headed off to meet Mr R and Mrs L who are in France at the same time as us. It would have been lovely to go and see them too but it's a short trip and "our" beach was calling!!
We packed up enough buckets, spades, body boards, towels, picnic blankets, sun cream, hats and snacks to see us through a fortnight on the beach and then set off!
The Little Misses were squealing with excitement as they leapt out of the car to see our beach again. We sat at our usual table at our usual cafe - Le Charleston in St Aubin sur Mer (highly recommended!!) - and we stayed there all day. From 10.30am to 5.30pm!!!
It was boiling hot and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect!!
My mum and dad joined us with Maisie and Elsie and we ignored the sign that said dogs weren't allowed on the beach when we saw that other dogs were being walked on the beach - mostly by locals! Before lunch we took Archie, Elsie and Maisie down to the water - a good 200 yards away! - and they had a fabulous run and splash about. It was Archie's first time on a beach and in the sea. He thought it was magnifique!!!
After a lot of shell collecting for the Little Misses and sand system creating (Miss E) and sand castle building (Miss L) it was time for lunch - moules a la Normandie for me, smoked trout for my mum, giant king prawns for Miss L (it's quite a sight to see her ripping off the heads and tails!!) burgers for Papa and Mr K and an enormous ham and cheese galette for Miss E. All followed chocolate mousse and ice cream. Delicious!!
Archie was so good all day. I had been worried that he wouldn't settle and would make things difficult. But he was brilliant just sitting and sleeping away under the table all day.
As the tide came in and the water got nearer the Little Misses were like little fish!! Swimming, body boarding, jumping in the waves. It was wonderful! 
Throughout the afternoon there were loads of fly-bys by wartime aeroplanes - big transporters and bombers flying up and down the coast, banking and flying back again. Amazing!!
I bought sausages and potatoes at the huit à huit for dinner (along with my favourite celariac remoulade which nobody else seems quite so fond of as me!!) then it was time to head back. 
Dinner for the kids and they were packed off to bed - with varying degrees of success! Then it was dinner for Mr P and us while Mrs N went out for dinner with a friend - at Le Charleston where we'd been all day!
Eventually I dragged myself up to bed at about 11pm and left Mr K and Mr P setting the world to rights. God know what time they'll get to bed!

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