Excitement at the Purple Hotel!

Naturally we weren't at all prepared for our second holiday of the holidays but luckily we had all day to get ready until Mr K got home from work!
I took Miss L to the doctors in Bicester first thing to see if they could help with the skin complaint she seems to get at this time of year - scabby, flakey skins with lesions that she picks at and makes bleed. Lovely! It seems to be a reaction to sun cream so I've been avoiding using it which isn't really a viable long term solution!
The doctor prescribed more emollient lotion and a special sun cream for people with skin conditions. None of the pharmacies within a twenty mile radius had it in stock but as the forecast for Normandy is pretty rubbish we should be OK! 
So I pottered about all day packing until Mr K got home. Then we packed ourselves into the car and set off for the Purple Hotel in Folkestone. 
The Little Misses fell asleep on the way down but woke up when we got there and stumbled into the room. As usual they were giddy to be in the room full of beds, squealed and jumped about excitedly for two minutes and then went straight back to sleep!
We were not long after. Beds at the Purple Hotel are ridiculously comfortable!!!

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