A very early start today leaving the house just after 5am to get the Eurotunnel from Folkestone. Usually we spend the night before at the "Purple Hotel" but now we've got Archie that wasn't an option so it was a horrifically early start!
At least it was light when my alarm went off at 4am!!
The Little Misses were brilliant - Miss E got up, dressed and into the car within minutes of waking up, and Miss L was carried sleepily to the car in her jim-jams and snuggled under her blanket.
Archie got into the boot with the suitcases and the usual carrier bags full of miscellaneous crap chucked in at the last minute and off we went. Listening to a new Audible download of the first Famous Five adventure. Spiffing!!!
The journey down was painless. I had been a bit worried about Archie as he's never been in the car for more than an hour but he was fine - settled down and slept all the way.
We stopped at services on the M20 for sausage and egg McMuffins, hash browns (or hash brownies as Miss L hilariously calls them), a hi-vis jacket for me and an adaptor. 
We got to the terminal early and got put on the train half an hour before our expected departure time which was fab. Just time for Archie to have a lovely runabout in the pet exercise area. I remember seeing it last year and saying to the Little Misses that next time we were here we'd have a dog. And we do!!!
From Calais we drove to beautiful Honfleur and met my mum and dad for lunch and a wander round. It was about a billion degrees and I chose the worst possible seat outside the restaurant right in the full sun - and I knocked a glass off the table and smash it all over the floor trying to squeeze myself and Archie into our place - but it didn't matter!!! The food was delicious - king prawns with garlic mayo followed by salmon in a sorrel cream sauce - and it's so so so good to be back in France!
After lunch the Little Misses had a couple of goes on the carousel. It would have been one go but the first time it started moving as soon as they got on and in their panic they got on horses on opposite sides. Miss L was OK with it but Miss E got in a bit of a tizz! It was lovely sitting in the shade for a bit watching them!
We had a lovely hour wandering around the town. So many beautiful buildings and alleys, and glimpses into secret courtyards and gardens. I could have chosen a hundred Blips but I love this one my dad took of us. Me, my Little Misses, the lovely Mr K and Archie. 
My family!
We said goodbye to Nana and Papa and carried on to Bernières sur Mer to meet Mr P, Mrs N, Miss S and Baby S at our gite. It was lovely to see them!
My heart sank a bit when I saw chickens in the garden but Archie didn't seem at all interested which was a relief!
A quick dinner of pasta and pesto for the kids and while the little ones were being put to bed we quickly took the Little Misses up to the beach. I didn't really want to and only went grudgingly because I'd promised them we would earlier but it was lovely!! A bit of shell collecting and paddling and a lot of happy twirling and dancing (see extras). Brilliant!!
Home to a delicious spread of cold meats, cheese, bread, olives, tapenade, saucisson, strawberries and chocolate pots kindly laid out by Mrs N.
Then bed as I was pretty much dead on my feet by now!
Unfortunately poor Baby S woke up crying with a temperature just as we were going up and was inconsolable for a few hours. That and the incessant ringing of church bells from just up the road and a sudden horrible bout of nausea for me didn't make for the most restful of nights!
Never mind!!

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