After my efforts yesterday it was nice to see the garden looking tidy today.
Unfortunately the same can't be said of the house and we're off on holiday at 5am tomorrow!
Archie went to the groomers this morning for a long overdue haircut. The forecast is really hot for the next week in France so I thought he could probably do with being less hairy!
He's certainly not hairy anymore!! For the first time we can see his body shape and despite being a bit of a shock at first I must admit that I quite like it. He's like a little lamb!
I had to laugh at Miss L tonight. She was intrigued by Archie's - now much more obvious - huge "dangly bits". I asked her if she knew the proper words for his dangly bits and completely matter of factly she said "they're his nuts"!!!!!!
The day was spent packing and gradually ticking things off my holiday list.
We had planned to get an early night in preparation for our early start.
I had the depressing "alarm set for five hours and twenty minutes" message when I finally got into bed and set my alarm. Uughhh!!!!! 

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