Not An Etch-A-Sketch.

Went food shopping first thing.  The traffic is really bad at the moment as the bridge from Mount Tamborine is still out.  The bridge was washed away in the last floods.  There is only one other way down, and it's a long detour past  near where we live.  The new bridge wont be finished before September.

I came home did the ironing, and then went out to the charity shops.  I managed to pick up several books and this magnetic sketch pad.

I had to wait ages for a little boy to stop playing with it.  I kept wandering around the shop, like a stalker.  Eventually, he put it back on the shelf, so I pounced.

Year ago my children had a proper etch-a-sketch, but as with most toys I gave it away.  I think Isabella might like this for the time being.

After I came home, I vacuumed the whole house and made chilli con carne for dinner.  Then I sat and did nothing. 

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