An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Big Reveal...

The WC isn't quite finished yet (still got the loo roll holder, towel ring and mirror to put up) but Agnes wanted me to send her photos of the room today and as they're the only ones I took, they are also my blip.

I talked in a previous blip about the pictures I bought for the WC that I thought no one would like, well here they are! On the left we have Distinguished Deer and on the right Deer in a Blue Dress (closer view in extras :-)   Not everyone's cup of tea but a bit quirky and when I look at them, they make happy :-)

My larger-than-expected little big blue bird  (now christened Hitchcock.  Thanks Dr T :-) fits in perfectly I feel.   David is not so sure but what does he know?!

Magicman was here this morning fixing a few small dings in our kitchen cupboard doors that were identified by the kitchen company on their final inspection (they are very thorough) and the smell of chemicals he was using were almost over powering.  I have no idea how he works with that stuff day in day out.

This afternoon was very productive as we (I say we but really David, I was there in a supervisory capacity) got the last of the boxes and detritus out of the hall.  What a difference!   At last things are starting to get back to normal.  The American fridge/freezer from our old kitchen is still in the hall and we've decided to put in the garage as it's handy having the extra capacity.

I also spent  chuck of the day getting photographs put into frames that have been sitting empty since we moved here five years ago.  Still loads to do and lots of limited edition prints to get framed, but I am definitely seeing a tiny chink of light at the end of the tunnel.

Other than uploading my blip, I've not had the chance to be on here commenting or catching up with your journals but I really hope get some time todo that tomorrow :-))

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