Tiny Tuesday - Flora

I had to go and sit around at Mrs madwill’s studio this morning whilst she went for an emergency dental appointment - she has lost a crown (well not actually lost - but displaced).

The bad news is that I will have to sell a kidney to have it replaced! The bill will be almost into four figures (before the decimal point)…. I should have been a dentist…..

Rained pretty much all day - I had to bite the bullet after lunch and drag Finlay out for a walk as there was no sign of a break. To be fair, he didn’t object too much (which is a first) and we managed a fairly decent outing - 50 minutes.

Stuck for a blip, I used my iPad, with some baking paper over it, as a light table (using the Negative Viewer app) and picked a currant leaf from one of the bushes in the garden. I like the way that the light picks out all the veins and the droplets are reflecting the light from the window.

Thanks to isbi for hosting.

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