Horrible Day!!

Hello Blippers, Billy here again...

Well what a horrible wet day.  I really didn't like it when I went out after breakfast this morning and came straight back in before SHE went out to work...

SHE didn't realise just how bad the weather was, heavy rain and strong winds and  set out to walk to the station (30 minutes) as usual.  On the way there is a main road to walk along and guess what?   She got drenched by every blooming lorry that went past even though she was right on the inside of the pavement :(

Thankfully the heating was on on the train, but unfortunately her raincoat was only a 'showerproof' one and got soaked through to her cardigan and dress and her trainers were so soggy that they were squealching  to come home in tonight :(  

She managed to walk home in bright sunshine how amazing is that?  Though now it looks as though the 'horrible' rain is coming back again :(

Hoping tomorrow will be a little better!

Happy that SHE is home and dry in her pjs with the dinner cooking (she's already fed me) :)

PS.  Do you know why she made her Blip name ThingsBeautiful?

Yesterday there was a challenge by a lovely Blipper for Mono Monday; but SHE forgot about it.

Her Blip name comes because she loves the old hymn 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' :)

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