Mono Monday ~ Reflections

with thanks to RedFlash for the challenge this week :)

Thank you for all your lovely comments and stars from a sleepy Billy!  I think he may have been sick yesterday from eating a bit of a very dead bird I found this evening just on the border of my neighbours garden, yuck!!

I was early at work today as we had a big courier delivery going out, so I came home early for once.  Despite a couple of incidents on the motorway I was home about 4.30pm, which meant I had time to go for a short walk up the river Lambourn nearby and look for some reflections!  I found this duck, happy to perform,.  In fact I got several shots, but this was the best one I think as the eye is reflected in the water, where in other shots it wasn't :)

In other news, very proud I managed to lose 2 pounds at Slimming World tonight despite going off plan and being on holiday last week :) :)  It was also SW Man of the year and a fairly new man won, he has lost over a stone and a half in 6 weeks of coming!

Just eating a really late dinner, hope to stay awake and watch the sewing bee, then off to bed :)

Happy Monday folks :)

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