Does my reflection

look good in this?

Couldn't decide which one to blip out of this one and the two in my extras.  I will put more in flickr later :)

Get up early
Rush into town for new work shoes (couldn't find any to fit my stupid feet without paying too much, so didn't buy) 
Come home
Dad arrives
Toilet leak fixed at last!

Walk into town with Dad 
Have lunch at Strada (rather mediocre by normal standards - Brocolli on a pizza instead of spinach??? and a cold chicken ceasar salad (the ones I've had elsewhere have been warm)!  We were not impressed...  Oh and the service was terrible, we waited 45 minutes from ordering to meal arrival!  The waiter kept coming to tell us 'a couple of minutes more'...

Then we walked further on down the canal and found the swans and cygnets blipped last Saturday being fed by a lady near the swing bridge :) Sadly there are now only 9 of the 10 cygnets though...  I took nearly 250 pictures in the end!

Came home and Dad has fixed my new shower rail up and taken away the top of a cupboard to french polish which is his hobby :)

Exhausted now and planning an evening on the sofa chilling and watching TV :)

What's not to like on such a perfect sunny day and some quality time with my wonderful 76 year old Dad who is so active? :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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