Tip Top Tit

I went for a walk at Amwell Nature Reserve this afternoon. The weather was fine and dry but still quite windy. I met a member of staff a couple of times who was checking everything for wind damage. 

I always look up at a very tall dead tree which has lost its bark and shines silver in the sunshine as I have seen treecreepers in this area in the past. I was surprised when a blue tit popped out of one of the holes near the top and I spent a pleasurable time trying to capture the bird as it flitted to and fro.

Today's poem is My Enemies Have Sweet Voices by Pete Morgan. http://alstewart.com/publicfiles/LYRICS_myenemies.htm

Not sure that I get this. PM says that the 'enemies' referred to are his intellectual temptations. He has enjoyed playing with, 'split the difference', 'falling back on failure' and 'jumping to conclusions'.   

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