Just gorgeous

I kept the motorbike for today as well and drove down to the southern tip of the island which is a tiny national park. It was lovely there. The small, sandy beach was gorgeous and much cleaner than the beach further north where I’m staying. I’m not sure whether its location means that the currents are different and less rubbish washes up or whether it gets cleaned up because it’s a national park. There’s a forest trail over the hills and this is the view overlooking the southern beach. I walked part of the trail but there weren’t any other viewpoints and I did a lot of forest and jungle walks in Malaysia. Instead I sat in the shade, on a swing made of a log, by the beach.

In the late afternoon, when it cooled down, I went for a long walk along the beach next to where I’m staying. It was just after high tide and there was a lot of rubbish that had just been washed up. The owner of the guesthouse says it comes from Indonesia and that they clean up the nearby area everyday. But it’s clearly a losing battle. I really hope this project succeeds.

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