An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Celebrating World Gin Day...

Nearly 8pm and I haven't even had one yet!  

Trying to decide if I fancy a floral Hendricks with Fevertree elderflower tonic and tiny bit of Turkish delight (real stuff not Frys :-) or Tanqueray with ordinary Fevertree tonic and a curl of orange peel.   Hmmmm, the latter I think.

Been a bit of a lazy day.  Alan was out with Ashleigh all afternoon and I spent some time in the kitchen making the base and caramel filling for banoffee pie, and mega oat cookies for tomorrow's visitors.

Now going to make some satay chicken for dinner when all I really want to do is sit with my feet up.  Hey ho, a woman's work is never done.  

Of course dinner prep would be much further forward if I hadn't sat with my feet up for most of the afternoon :-))

Ooh David just brought me my glass of gin.  Bottoms up!  :D 

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