Back home

We arrived home before 6 pm and I went to check the cattle. Jussi had already fed the calves and everything seemed to be alright or better: the grass seems to grow better after some rain and warmer days, and the apple trees are blooming.

The second day of MTK 100 years celebration consisted of speeches by president Sauli Niinistö (via video) and the speaker of parliament Maria Lohela, a short panel about the future opportunities of the Finnish countryside, and a play about the previous 100 years of it. The play combined music, dance, video and light and sound effects very impressively.

While all the speakers (as well as presenters, news anchors Peter Nyman and Maija Lehmusvirta) were very positive and spoke well, the special mention goes to panelist Saimi Hoyer, former model and television personality, now owner-manager of a countryside hotel. She said what she missed most during her modeling years in Paris and New York was the Finnish forest. Now she prefers to stay in the country. Helsinki is alright for a day or two, but no more. Exactly what I was thinking!

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