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Marlborough (Sunday 11th June 2017)

During the week I heard that Old Tom, who is now 21 years old, had been visiting the Waterfront Gardens in Kennet Place with a clutch of cygnets, so  decided to do my Waitrose shop in Marlborough rather than Melksham in the hope of catching them.
I spent some time beside the Kennet reading and watching what was going on on the river, but there was an absence of swans, and eventually I left and parked at the other end of town, beside Pewsey Road Bridge, as I had seen a swan on the river as I drove over the bridge on the way in.
From the bridge I could just make out three adult swans sitting among the reeds on the north side of the river. I tried to get a better vantage point from a path on the south side but they could not be seen from there so I hung around in the hope that they would take to the water, and eventually two of them did, looking majestic in the late afternoon glow.
However, no cygnets emerged so I don't think any of the three were Old Tom and I don't know how these three fit in. I do know of a younger pair that have been visiting the Waterfront gardens tributary and Cooper's Meadow nearby, but I don't think a third swan would be with them for territorial reasons.

12.6.2017 (1153 hr)

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Steven Wilson - Lord of the Reedy River (Cover Version VI) (2010)
I have put up versions of this song by Donovan (who wrote it) and Kate Bush, but this is Steven Wilson's take on it, he formerly of Porcupine Tree. The original version was by Esther and Abi Ofarim in 1968, and I think I remember seeing Esther Ofarim performing it on TV with Donovan at around that time.

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