For once, the weather forecast was right, and it rained all day and into the evening. So we decided against a walk in the country and, instead, wandered around two towns.

In Northallerton we found the music shop (isn't the internet wonderful!), and MrM acquired the set of mandolin strings he needs to finish off an instrument. And we caught up with a friend who works there.

We went to a fish & chip restaurant in Richmond for lunch. MrM M's fish & chips were fine, but I wouldn't recommend the scampi. Certainly not the best I've ever had. And it came with the most revolting 'interesting' side salad I've ever encountered - more like a fruit salad with coleslaw and chutney, covered with a mound of grated mousetrap cheese and topped by a pineapple ring. Hmmm! We walked through the town and covered market after lunch - we'll go back some time and look round the castle. The blip is a view from the bottom of the hill with the top of the castle sticking up beyond the rooftops (shame about the TV aerials!) - MrM held the umbrella to prevent the camera getting soaked.

Back to the caravan for a while before MrM left to play at a wedding ceilidh. Not often that I have the luxury of a free evening in which to read...

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