Dundas Aqueduct

One of the best of days. Woken early by brilliant sunshine which turned cloudy for a while but then turned into a lovely warm summer's day.

After breakfast we moved on towards the Dundas Aqueduct where we stopped to admire Rennie's spectacular bridge which takes the navigation across the Avon Valley by two 90 degree bends.

We had a good walk around the area, along a short section of the Somerset Coal Canal which was packed with boats to the Angelfish Cafe for coffee and tea cakes (no scones). We read about the history of the Coal Canal and learned about plans to restore the whole canal back into use.

The Avon Valley hereabouts is wonderful, lush and verdant marred only slightly by the GWR mainline. Near Avoncliff we stopped for lunch initially going aground before finding a place in the sun to enjoy our sandwiches.

We only went a little further after that, mooring up just after the aqueduct. We stopped to walk the "Two Valleys" from a leaflet we found on the boat. A walk between two pubs alongside the Avon and Froome. It was the most lovely of walks in quiet countryside alongside gently flowing rivers. Passed by beautiful Iford Manor, where we called in for a cup of tea. Watched a cloud of male banded desmoiselle flies flitting on and off a riverside plant that was in full sun against the dark of the river and background vegetation. Took lots of shots on the other camera but can't upload from the boat.

By the time we returned to Avoncliff we'd decided not to go on to Bradford but stop to enjoy a drink or three at the Cross Guns down by the Avon. A good move; spectacular location on the river and a selection of very palatable beers. Good job we'd cooked tea before going to the pub as cooking it afterwards would have been a challenge. Food looked superb at the pub too.

A little duetting after dinner brought to an end a most spectacular of days.

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