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By Damnonii

Gin Bling...

I'm not saying I have the reputation of being a gin lush, but when at least 20 people tag you on a gin related Facebook post, it's time to accept that a lot of the time when friends see anything gin related, the first person they think of is me! *

Of course as soon as I saw the ad for these blinged-up bottles of Hendricks gin I just couldn't resist buying one.  I justified it (as if buying gin needs to be justified ;-) by telling D it's his Father's Day gift...tee hee.    I chose the silver to back ombre bottle as it suits the kitchen perfectly where it will be on display until the bottle is empty, at which point it will become a welcome decoration in the Gin Palace.

Thankfully I've had a much more productive day than yesterday.   D and I met with Rosie who line manages Alan's team, to go over a whole range of things from the role of the new team leader to staff training, Alan's support plan and recruitment.  

Unfortunately, whilst our last recruitment drive has found us an excellent support worker/team leader in Ashleigh no 2, we had hoped to take on at least another one, if not two support workers, but that didn't happen so we're back to advertising again.  This is even more urgent now as our wonderful Ashleigh no 1 has recently found out she is having a baby (I'm so excited for her :-) so we will need maternity cover too.  It's a never ending process.

We've also taken delivery of a shower seating system that we hope will be just the thing to get Alan into and out of the pool safely.   We won't get the chance to try it out till Sunday when Ele and Kenny will be here to help, but fingers crossed it will work and then we can get Alan's team trained in using it, so he can start using his pool on a much more regular basis. 

And now it's time to decide what to have for tea.  Since the Tesco delivery isn't due until Saturday morning and stocks are running low, it's going to be fridge surprise for dinner.  I'm sure I can turn eggs, salad, fruit, cheese and gherkins into something!  


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