Busy Bee #2

Dear Diary,

Just as the Weigela brings the butterflies, the Baptisia brings the bees.  That they both bloom around the same time is wonderful.  The garden is awash in subtle shades of purple and blue and this little bumble bee is wasting no time gathering his pollen.

I saw the first day lily bloom yesterday...a bit early but there is always one pushy one that rushes to be the first it seems.  When they get into full swing the garden will transition to bright yellow.  Right now I will just enjoy these tiny spots of yellow amid the blue Baptisia, which is also known by the common name of False Indigo.

My Honey Locust trees were a bit of a disappointment this year, not their regular lush bloom.  Their smell is intoxicating and the bees love them.  We will be getting some much needed rain today so I guess Matt and I will be working in the barn attic trying to finish off the clean out.  I wonder if there will be any more discoveries?

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